The Teaching Channel

Super Digital Citizen

  • How does Mr. Pane engage students in this lesson?

While watching this video, Mr.Pane does a great job keeping his students interested in the lesson. He first goes over rules about what is not safe about the internet/ how one can miss use it, and then will have the kids answer. I think having the kids answer and talk to their neighbors about their different ideas that they have to the questions is a good way to keep them focused. Then once he covers the the instructions and demonstrates how to  make a super hero, and then he lets the kids create it themselves. He says that having the kids being able to create their own super hero is good because it lets the kids be in control. He uses this website so the kids are able to make a story that is about the super hero but also themselves as well. He also stats that making the projects about the kids makes it more fun and a more meaningful activity.

  • What kinds of digital dilemmas do the superheros resolve?

The kids make a comic on what they want, but there has to be a reason for the super hero. So the kids create ways that someone is miss using the internet; like not respecting, not being responsible, or being safe, and then has the super hero show them how to do it the correct way. I think this is a good way for the kids to actually learn and understand how to safely use the internet.

  • How might you use gallery walks in your own classroom?

Gallery walks are a great thing I think. This way the kids get to walk around and see other ideas and what other kids have created. The kids might see something that they would have never thought about on their own. In my art class we used gallery walks, and I thought it was really cool to go around and see what progress other people were making and what great ideas they had.


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