Web 2.0

The first website I looked at was called Starfall.com. This website has many cool different activities that will help with reading, that one can do with a child, or the child can do on their own. This website helps the children pronounce letters, learn how to read, and learn how to have fun while reading. There are different stages that the child can go through, so that way they can work up to the level of reading that they need. This website is free, and is for educators, parents, children and homeschooling. I would say that this website is for kids pre k to second grade, once they get past second grade I feel like the kids will think it is to young for them. I feel like this would best go with the first standard from ISTE because it says to inspire students learning and creativity, because the kids are learning in new a creative way. There are not really any prerequisites that the educators need to know before using the website. The strengths are that this website helps the children read and enjoy it, however thats all it does and the children might get bored of just reading on the website.

The second website I looked at it called MyStorybook.com. This website is where the students can create their stories, take writing lessons, and the kids can even save the stories that they have created. When creating the storybook, the kids can choose what items they want in it, and it gives pictures so the kids can place them where ever they wish. They can also draw on their story book, and add text boxes for the words. The students can keep adding pages if they want, or even delete it and start over. I think one of the cool things about this site is that the kids can save the storybook and don’t even have to sign in. The kids can then share them online for free if they choose. Also a strength about this website is that they will show you how to create the storybook if you are not quite sure how. I would say that this would fall under ISTE standard number two because it talks about teachers help design, develop,and evaluate learning experiences for the kids that work with tools and resources for the websites to help develop their knowledge and skills.

The last website I looked at was called Flipquiz.me. This website I found every fun and useful. I would say that this would be for grades a little higher up so probably grades 3-12th. This is a website where the teacher or the student can create a game that can be used for studying, tests, or quiz’s. The students can make their own and test each other or the teachers can make it a fun game where they just ask random silly questions. This is a free website so anyone can use it whenever. The only down side is that the score has to be taken manually. There is a timer included for each question so the kids are encouraged to guess quicker. I thought this website was a great idea for test prep because educators are always using chalk boards, white boards, or power points. The kids now in days are use to a more game filled life, so having quiz questions like a game will make reviewing more fun. A teacher does not really need to know much before making one. The website does a pretty good job explaining it and giving details on what to do next. For ISTE standards I would say this falls under number one because students are learning in a creative way and they are inspiring the students to be creative about their learning.



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