Video creation and podcasting

In this pdf called Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and other powerful web tools for the classroom it talks about how being able to create ones own podcast has gotten easier and easier. It is more accessible for anyone to create, save and publish a podcast that many people are starting to do it more often. For example there is an elementary school in Nebraska where a classroom creates and post their own podcast. Its a podcast for kids by kids. This way kids are learning how to produce a podcast and publish it. I think this a great idea because kids are showing what they learned using the podcast, while other kids can learn by watching the pod cast. I could use this in my classroom by having kids make podcasts about stories they have read or even that they made up and then have the whole class listen to them. I can also have them record poems or songs and then play it later for the class. Teachers can use this by using pod casts for lesson plans, say kids are in stations and the teacher records their own voice reading a book or saying/ spelling words, the kids can follow along. Kids can also make videos of their stories using Imoive on the computer. This way they can see themselves and watch it over and over. I can use videos in the classroom to record science experiments or even craft activities that I try so the I am able to look back and see how it was done ad what I could improve on. I can also use videos to make silly videos about rules and classroom behavior that the kids will enjoy to watch.


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